I’m Still Here…

Hello everyone. It seems that about this time of year I come to realize that the other ventures, hobbies, and activities that captivate my time have taken me away from these posts for too long. Rest assured, I am still here and am still working on Lyra Rayne: Deal with the Devil and a number of other mentioned projects.

I want to take the time now to discuss a realization I came to the other day. I’ve mentioned before that I am a gamer, and one of the games that I am absolutely in love with is Ghost of Tsushima. I find it a rather masterful portrayal of feudal Japanese culture and those warrior poets, the Samurai. I love it. I particularly find the Haiku moments in the game to be exceedingly calming and refreshing. For those of you who may not know what I am referring to, here is an example of the Haiku from the game.

Anyway, it got me thinking… I’m not a poet by nature, but if I enjoy the process of these moments in the game, can I then find the same serenity for myself. I went out yesterday with a small notebook in hand on one of the local nature trails, seeking out my own inspiration. The result was six Haiku poems inspired by the autumn landscape all around me. I sat and peered into the morning sun settling upon the golden canopies. I listened to the birds playing all around. And I did find that same sense of calm, peace, and just a hint of sadness that I so love experiencing in the game.

As such, I would like to share these with you here. As I try to make this a weekly exercise, I will post these under the heading My Haiku, beginning with the first autumn themed Haiku below. I hope you enjoy, and keep an eye out for more changes going forward. Including the coming chapter by chapter release on this site of my private investigator, Mort.

My Haiku

Darkened Tendrils Reach
Wreathed in Failing Golden Hue
Grasping for the Sun

Lyra Rayne’s Second Anniversary Free E-Book Giveaway!

That’s right, Lyra is turning 2! To celebrate, I am hosting a Free E-book Giveaway on my Amazon site starting Friday, Oct 8th and ending on Tuesday, Oct 12th. As my gift to you, dear reader, the E-book version of Lyra Rayne: Ground Zero will be completely free!

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Lyra Rayne’s One Year Anniversary Countdown!



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Lyra Rayne’s One Year Anniversary

Join me in celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Lyra Rayne: Ground Zero!

There are many ways to be part of this event:

  • Free E-Book promotion from Oct 9th to Oct 11th. A great time to share the gift of Lyra with your friends and family!
  • Cosplay/Costume Contest
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For details and contest/submission rules, visit www.BryanStricklandAuthor.com today!

It’s Back! The Lyra Rayne Cosplay/Costume Contest!

Ladies and Gentlemen! I am happy to announce that the Lyra Rayne Cosplay/Costume Contest is back, just in time for Halloween 2020. There are so many very talented people flexing their costume creation muscles this time of year and I am eager to see what you all can do!

The First Place Winner will receive a personalized, signed Paperback copy of Lyra Rayne: Ground Zero. The Second Place Winner will receive a select item from my Lyra Merch stores. Winning photos will also be featured prominently on the front page of this site, across my Social Media, and in my Monthly Newsletter. All entries from this year will be displayed on their very own featured page on my website!

To enter, send a photo of your Lyra Rayne Cosplay/Costume of choice to BRStrickWriter@gmail.com with the heading: Costume Contest. Be sure to include contact details in the event that your work is selected.

Entries must be received by 11:59 pm MST on November 30th 2020, contest winners to be announced no later than December 5th 2020. Only one entry per individual, presently open to US residents only. All copyrights remain with the submitter.

I look forward to seeing your entries and I wish you the best of luck!

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Fan Art Submissions Open!

Calling all Artists! If you love Lyra and have pieces to share, Submit your works today!

There are so many talented artists out there and I want to share your work! If you have Fan Art featuring the characters of Lyra Ranye: Ground Zero, then I invite you to submit your pieces to BRStrickwriter@gmail.com today!

All submissions will be featured on a special Fan Art page, including the name and/or social media handle of the featured artist. All related art is welcome, be it; digital, traditional, or what have you, so don’t be shy.

Please provide your image in JPEG format and be sure to include details such as your artist handle for sites like Tumblr, Twitter, etc., if you have one so viewers can find more of your work. All copyrights remain with the submitter.

Time Escapes Us

Wow, has it really been two months since my last blog post? Oops. Not really an intention, but with how crazy this whole quarantine situation has been, it is easy to lose track of time. Rest assured, however, that work on Lyra Rayne: Deal with the Devil is still on going. As are several other projects that I’ve been working on.

Most importantly, all of us here are thankful for our health and well being and hope that you are also healthy and doing well. Remember that it is in crazy times like these, we are reminded how fortunate so many of us truly are. Some of us are not so fortunate and we need to look to the right and left of us to ensure that we can help everyone to find equal footing and well being.

Till next time, dear reader…