New Year, New Review!

I wanted to wish everyone a happy and beneficial new year!

As with all past holidays, this one has been a torrent of activity that has left me with little time to post. With family trips and visits, having the kids home for weeks and then getting them back to school, and the hustle and bustle of the holidays; I’m just now getting my feet back under me.

As I drop back into something resembling normalcy, I also wanted to quickly share a new 5-Star Review of Lyra Rayne: Ground Zero.
“A remarkable and unique page turner, written by a clearly talented author. This captivating story should absolutely be on your reading list. I will wait impatiently for another installment.” – Ciera.

Thank you Ciera! And thank you to all who have supported this, my debut book launch. Having the chance to see how well received Lyra Rayne has been, and continues to be, is a blessing. I will continue my efforts to bring the second installment to you all as soon as I can. And again, have a wonderful new year!

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