Lyra Rayne: Ground Zero

Author Bryan Strickland has created a truly superb and totally contemporary superhero tale that will engulf cross-genre fans from the sci-fi, military fiction, cli-fi, and LGBTQ+ readerships. Charming and stylish, but also hard-edged and filled with gritty action and adventure, Lyra is a realistic hero in the sense that her humanity is her downfall as much as it is her strength. […] An openly gay and female protagonist gives an authentic contemporary feel to the tale, used here not for gimmicks but as a genuine expression of Lyra’s heart. Overall, Lyra Rayne: Ground Zero is a superb opening to a very promising and exciting science fiction series. – K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

With Lyra Rayne: Ground Zero Strickland gives us a superhero we can take home to meet our mother. Yes, a female character, and one you will love. […] Surely a good deal of Lyra’s appeal is that that her superpowers do not make her any less vulnerable emotionally. […] All in all, a superb first novel. Strickland’s very human characters, dramatic pacing and timing of plot elements keeps us engaged from cover to cover and he leaves us with the assurance that there is plenty more where that came from. – Greg Thomas, M.A. and former Instructor of English and Humanities

Bryan Strickland’s writing style draws you in, winding tales that force you to confront your worldview. His characters find themselves in situations that leave you wondering what you’d have done. They learn hard lessons, and realize things about themselves that they don’t necessarily like, and figure out how to keep moving forward because the only way out is through. And in the end, they come out better for it. […] Lyra’s humanity is what hooked me. […]
I didn’t realize how much I needed this book.
– Rayne Millaray, Goodreads

Lyra Rayne’s greatest desire is to help. In big ways and the small, she just wants to help those in need. Through the altruistic ventures of her mentor, Dr. Grant Hill, and his vision for a clean, free energy source, Lyra found a way to help make the world a better place. That is, until the experimental reactor erupts into a scintillating wave of Exotic Particle Radiation that destroys their lab, and nearly kills Lyra in the process.

Miraculously surviving the blast, Lyra undergoes traumatic changes that alter her physiology, right down to her DNA. Through this exposure, Lyra discovers that she has gained the supernatural ability to effect far greater change. Donning the mantle of a helpful heroine, Lyra puts herself in harms way to save the innocent. However, she quickly discovers that having superhuman powers does not reconcile human fallibility, and even one critical mistake can have devastating consequences.

Faced with the cost of her attempted heroics, she suffers doubt and guilt over the blood of those she failed to save. As she struggles with the consequences of her choices, the city comes under threat from another, more powerful enhanced being. Lyra must face her fears and failings in order to stand against the rising tide of rage and vengeance that threatens the city and its inhabitants, or risk losing everything in the epic conflict to come.

This is my debut Science Fiction novel and the first in a series featuring Lyra Rayne, an exotic particle powered superhero.

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Goodreads Review – Rayne Millaray

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