It’s Back! The Lyra Rayne Cosplay/Costume Contest!

Ladies and Gentlemen! I am happy to announce that the Lyra Rayne Cosplay/Costume Contest is back, just in time for Halloween 2020. There are so many very talented people flexing their costume creation muscles this time of year and I am eager to see what you all can do!

The First Place Winner will receive a personalized, signed Paperback copy of Lyra Rayne: Ground Zero. The Second Place Winner will receive a select item from my Lyra Merch stores. Winning photos will also be featured prominently on the front page of this site, across my Social Media, and in my Monthly Newsletter. All entries from this year will be displayed on their very own featured page on my website!

To enter, send a photo of your Lyra Rayne Cosplay/Costume of choice to with the heading: Costume Contest. Be sure to include contact details in the event that your work is selected.

Entries must be received by 11:59 pm MST on November 30th 2020, contest winners to be announced no later than December 5th 2020. Only one entry per individual, presently open to US residents only. All copyrights remain with the submitter.

I look forward to seeing your entries and I wish you the best of luck!

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